Simplified Intelligent Asset Management

Gain remote access to the intelligent assets enabling you to keep your business running without having to leave your desk.

Plan for future asset upgrades with a full understanding of the critical data points such as service and access history.


Intelligent Asset Information

SyAM Clients report software/hardware configuration as changes are made
View full system configuration from within the Asset Dashboard
Associate assets to owners, departments for tracking and reporting

Remote Management

Remotely access computers from a web browser mobile or desktop
Interact with end users for quick resolution
Provide different levels of secure access based on user type

Integrated Helpdesk

Track service history of your assets
Access asset configuration data from within the ticket
Control ticket / asset access by location and user

Software Deployment

Push out critical software updates keeping systems secure without disrupting users
Uninstall unapproved applications silently
Schedule deployment at your convenience, power systems on and off  as required

We’re here to help you take control of your assets, contact us for a free full use trial of our software.

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