PC Management

Enabling a unified management view, the agent is hardware vendor agnostic and works on multiple operating system platforms, Windows, OSX, macOS and Linux distributions.

In addition to seeing real time status and configuration of systems, IT staff can remotely access systems with an interactive KVM from their desktop or mobile device. When utilized with hardware technologies such as Intel® vPro™ or Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) administrators using SyAM can take control of unresponsive systems.


A Green Mindset to PC Management.

Through SyAM’s intelligent power management, Green IT initiatives are driven with immediate results.  The intelligent agent creates significant energy savings by powering off systems at night that are no longer in use, it monitors for user activity making sure no user is disrupted or productivity lost.


Full System Servicing

SyAM allows IT to keep systems up to date with easy to use software deployment capabilities.  From the automated deployment of the SyAM Agent to systems added to your network through to updating applications such as Java, Flash, and more complex software, SyAM enables full system servicing.

Having a current inventory of your PC’s is quick and simple through SyAM’s technology taking very little effort and time on your part and enabling you to know what systems have which apps.


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