PC Power Management


SyAM Software’s Desktop Computer Power Management solution equips IT Managers with the tools to reduce electricity costs deriving from desktop PCs and laptops. SyAM will work with you to perform a power audit across your network, identifying potential savings with our IT asset audit software. Once your company is established, customized policies are developed that best suit your environment.  In as little as one week, detailed reports of energy savings are available.



Defining how many hours that systems should run is the first step in your energy saving campaign. Power Auditor can then discover systems across the network,  monitoring them for seven days and comparing forecasted versus actual usage hours.



After reviewing the potential savings details, you will be empowered with the proper tools to take action and start reducing your electric bill. SyAM enables you to manage multiple power schedules for different groups of systems.



A common concern with computer power management software is that it will interfere with user productivity. Thus, SyAM provides the administrator with full management over parameter definition.  This ensures no effect on the end users. Similarly, these parameters will delay scheduled shutdowns if a user is still working, or if they have specific critical applications still running. Your result is end users that are never interrupted, and productivity that will not be lost.



IT Managers are always under pressure to stay within budget and to keep costs down. Without knowledge of energy wasted, the proper action is unattainable. SyAM not only provides a power management software solution but also provides the reports to understand how and where to take action.



Each month an executive report is generated.  The report will provide a visual savings summary across your organization. You will have the knowledge to see precisely how much was saved and where.  Also reported is a comparison of actual savings against your projected savings goal.



The achieved savings report provides a breakdown of power savings at each location, as well as totals across the entire organization. This report, along with several other reports provided, can be generated at any time and converted into HTML, PDF and CSV format.

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