Asset Reporting


Gain insight into how all of your assets are being utilized. View summary and detailed reports that break down top installed applications, most common operating systems used and much more.

Directly output the report results to PDF or the table results as a CSV for spreadsheets

By using the filters within the Asset Dashboard you are able to update the report quickly without further navigation.


Application Inventory Reports

The intelligent SyAM Client checks hourly on changes being made to hardware and software configurations so you are always on top of your Application Inventory.

You can filter down to a specific application or go even with version number, this enable the granularity required in making key decisions on which systems need upgrading.

Using the report you’ve now got the target list of systems to run the software deployment to.


User Audit Reporting

Have security questions on who was using the system on a specific date and time, or who has accessed this system in the last 24 hours,. Getting these answers are at your finger tips as the intelligent SyAM Client records user access enabling reports in real time

Importing / Exporting Assets

When required you can export all of your Asset Data into a CSV file format, where is can be then further utilized in a spreadsheet.

By using the filters within the Asset Dashboard you can quickly narrow down the asset information to be exported.

From Asset Classification to Location or Model number


As the exported ass CSV contains the Field Names in Row 1 you can quickly navigate and make any necessary updates that can then be imported back into the Asset Database.

Select the primary field to match against when importing and the software updates existing assets and creates new ones when required.

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