Simplify Your Asset Management

Our software simplifies the way you manage all your IT Assets, with Unified Device Management and integrated Help Desk you have everything in one place, accessible from any browser, mobile or desktop

SyAM Software

Streamline Your Help Desk

Reducing the workload of your Help Desk by empowering end-users, SyAM Software has simplified problem reporting.  Whether end-users choose to utilize a self-service portal, or create a ticket via email platforms, technicians can efficiently process updates through a mobile interface.  

Guaranteed Energy Savings

By implementing the intelligent power management from SyAM, you reduce operating costs realize an ROI in just a few short months all without disrupting users productivity.

Unified Device Management

We unify the Management of Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Chrome OS devices, from enrollment, configuration to application deployment, power management and inventory control, keeping your IT Asset database current with configuration and access information.


SyAM Software provides organizations a simple way to manage their IT Assets. From the integrated help desk for service tracking to the unified device management of Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and ChromeOS platforms for keeping data current from intelligent assets.

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