Qualified HP Solutions with Intel® vPro™

SyAM Software Qualifies HP Workstations and Elitebooks to Integrate with Intel® vPro™ Technology



BIOS / AMT Firmware

 Power Functions

 KVM Out of Band

 Zbook 15 G5  Q70 Ver. 01.01.04 / 12.0.2-build 1087   On/Off/Reset  Yes (Intel Graphics setting)
Wired and Wireless out of band KVM
 Z2 Mini G4 Ver 01.0.104 / 12.0.2-build 1087   On/Off/Reset  Yes – Multi Monitor
 Zbook Studio x360 G5  Q71 Ver. 01.01.04 / 12.0.2-build 1087   On/Off/Reset  Yes (Intel Graphics setting)
Wireless out of band KVM
 ZBook 15 G4 P70 Ver 01.01 /  11.6.12-build 1201  On/Off/Reset  Yes (Intel Graphics setting)
Wired and Wireless out of band KVM
 Z2 Mini G3  N53 Ver. 01.04 / 11.0.17-build 1002   On/Off/Reset   Yes – Multi Monitor
 Z240 Workstation N51 Ver. 01.58 / 11.6.27-build 3264  On/Off/Reset  Yes – Multi Monitor
 Z230 Workstation  L51 v01.02 / 9.0.5-build 1367  On/Off/Reset   Yes – Multi Monitor
 Z220 Workstation  K51 v00.091 / 8.0.4-build 1441  On/Off/Reset   Yes – Multi Monitor
 ZBook 15 G3 Laptop N81 Ver 1.06  / 11-0.0-build 1194  On/Off/Reset  Yes – Single Monitor
 ZBook 15 G2 Laptop M70 Ver. 01.04  / 9.1.0-build 1120  On/Off/Reset  Not Available
 Z1 G3 All in One  N52 Ver. 01.21, 6/13/2018/ 11.0.12-build 1001  On/Off/Reset  Yes – Multi Monitor
 Z1 G2 All in One L52 v101.11 /  9.0.21-build 1462 On/Off/Reset   Yes – Single Monitor
 Z1 All in One  J52 v02.01 / 8.1.0-build 1265  On/Off/Reset   Yes – Single Monitor
 Elitebook 8570w Laptop  68iAV vF.03 / 8.0.10-build 1461  On/Off/Reset  Not Available
 Elitebook 8760w Laptop  68SAD vF.27 / 8.0.10-build 1461  On/Off/Reset  Not Available


Systems are tested with SyAM System Area Manager and System Client V4.67 and above, using Internet Explorer and Java 8 Update 201

For more information on the HP systems visit http://www.hp.com/go/thinkz

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